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Craig A. Brockman

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Writing has always been important to me, both in my career and for pleasure. In my early years as a singer/songwriter I learned to set a scene and describe emotion in short verse.
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I’ve lived near the Great Lakes all my life, and much of it was spent near the shores of Lake Superior. Employed by The Indian Health Service, Lake Superior State University, and private clinics I came to know the rich fabric of the Upper Peninsula.  Over many years I have had the opportunity to sit in exam rooms and listen to the joys, pains and intimate struggles of fifteen to twenty thousand souls. This precious insight influences my writing. Not to mention how writing millions of words of medical notes teaches one to be concise and descriptive. 

The Upper Peninsula’s lakes, forests, and mountains will always be a frequent destination for us.
In 2017, an article in the Ontonagon Herald chronicled the final 140-mile leg of my meandering 450-mile hike across the entire U.P. from the Drummond Island Ferry Dock in DeTour Village to a sandbar at the mouth of the Montreal River on the Wisconsin border. 
"Curve of the Earth: A Novel of Lazarus" released 2022. “Dead of November: A Novel of Lake Superior” released in March 2020. A middle-grade novel “Marty and the Far Woodchuck” was published in 2007. Among other things, I have contributed to the anthologies “U.P. Reader Vol. 4” in 2020 and "U.P. Reader Vol. 5" in 2021.
I’m excited that most of my inspirational songs (and a few others) are released in April 2020 for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and all other formats. Click the "Music" button above. 

Sally and I love our life in Tecumseh, Michigan.

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Dead of November
A Novel of Lake Superior

Selected as a U.P. Notable Book in 2021

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Ghosts of those drowned and never recovered are swarming from the depths of Lake Superior.  But the ghosts are not there to haunt the living. They are being pushed out of the lake by something far more sinister.

Lake Superior is a vast, surreal inland sea. Its clear depths are scattered with broken ships and pallid bodies preserved in frigid water. Along its shore lie ghost towns, the crumbling opulence of lumber barons and mining tycoons, and garish Native casinos.

Adam Knowles, a young psychologist working in Indiana, left Sault Sainte Marie years before after his Ojibwe wife was lost to Superior’s hungry waters. Was her drowning an accident? Unable to find answers, Adam had fled town, but promised his coworker Ron he would come back if ever needed. Now Ron calls Adam back, at first not revealing the extent of his needs caused by the ghostly sightings.

By returning, Adam is forced to face his grief again. He sets up a temporary home in a sprawling B&B operated by Maggie, an elderly Scottish innkeeper. Maggie has an innate spiritual influence upon people, but she is opposed by the loathsome Native healer, James Graves, who seems to have come to town to stir up trouble—and maybe Lake Superior itself. As Maggie, Ron, and Adam come to realize Graves is attempting to master the forces of ancient lore and causing the lake’s strange disturbances, they are joined by Gracie Bird, an enigmatic young Native woman, who knows too well Graves’ nefarious intentions.


"In Dead of November, readers will find themselves embroiled in a suspenseful tale of a power-hungry medicine man, ancient Native legends, and the healing that comes with forgiveness. Brockman has a sure hit on his hands with this spellbinding yarn."--Tyler Tichelaar,

award winning author of Haunted Marquette

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The Curve of the Earth

What if Lazarus of the Bible was not fated to endure a second death? He lives a Methuselah-life spanning centuries: his body renewed but his faith decaying.


This is the story of a wanderer through an epic of apostacy and dissipation, as sailor and slave, warrior and companion, in love and strife, marooned and forgotten. He struggles to discern the kernel of meaning in a meaningless existence, and to divide the gossamer between mortality and immortality.


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8770  Hawthorne Dr.

Tecumseh, Michigan 49286

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